Tri-State Ohio Paranormal Society (TriOPS) combines scientific equipment and procedures with old world theories and spirituality to collect paranormal evidence. The group of investigators includes professional individuals from public service employees to a research psychologist who utilize the blend of science and spirituality to gather paranormal evidence or to explain seemingly paranormal activity with a natural explanation.

Coming Soon - ParaCon 2014

Saturday, October 4

Ryan's Tavern
241 High Street, Hamilton

What do YOU believe? Let our distinguished guests challenge what you think you know...



TriOPS is proud to welcome:

Eric Beebe
Publisher and Founder, Post Mortem Press

Joedy Cook
Author and Bigfoot Expert

Henry Foister
Host of The Paranormal View  



Coming Up

October 19 - Elijah Morgan Mansion tour

October 24 - Witches' Ball

October 26 - Ryan's Tavern tour

October 31 - Halloween tour at Ryan's

November 2 - Last tours of the season


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A History of Moonville, Ohio and a Collection of its Haunting Tales by author William M. Cullen, is a look back into the history of a once-thriving town which slid into near-obscurity through time. Evocative stories of the souls who lived and worked in this remote mining town in eastern Vinton County, Ohio.




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